U.K. Drops 'Healthier Food Mark'

July 26/London/Press Association Mediapoint -- A scheme designed to encourage public-sector caterers to use less fat, salt and sugar in food has been dropped, the government announced.

The Healthier Food Mark, developed as two pilots over the last two years between the Department of Health and more than 70 public sector organizations in England, will not now go forward.

Instead, the "considerable body of evidence and learning" acquired will be used to "help develop government buying standards" in public-sector food procurement.

The scheme was to be voluntary and would have recommended that more food served in public sector canteens and restaurants met targets set by the Food Standards Agency.

In a written statement to MPs, junior health minister Anne Milton said, "I am announcing today that the Healthier Food Mark will not be taken forward as a discrete scheme.

"Instead, the considerable body of evidence and learning from the development of both the nutrition and sustainability criteria will be used to help develop government buying standards for food procurement in the public sector."

From the August 2, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition