McCormick Reveals American Cities with Spice

January 10/Minneapolis/Food & Beverage Close-Up --  The new year brings a renewed focus on overall wellness and flavorful, healthy eating. So, McCormick & Company Inc. has identified America's top 10 "Super-Spiced" cities based on consumption of "Super Spices."

In a release, the dompany noted ,residents of these flavorful cities have likely already discovered what a growing number of health and nutrition professionals already know -- "Super Spices" are a delicious source of natural antioxidants.

America's Top 10 "Super-Spiced" Cities are:
1. New York
2. Chicago
3. Los Angeles
4. Dallas/Ft. Worth
5. San Antonio/Corpus Christi
6. Houston
7. Memphis
8. Philadelphia
9. Charleston, SC
10. Jackson, MS

It is not just big cities that like big flavor. Although major metropolises like New York and Chicago top the list, some surprise "Super-spiced" standouts are also among the ranks. Food-loving cities like Memphis, TN; Charleston, SC; and Jackson, MS -- as well as a whopping three cities in Texas -- help round out this well-seasoned compilation.

'Super-Spiced" Snapshot'
Where you live often shapes how you eat. So, plenty of local flavor shines through in the "Super-spiced" cities:

- From minestrone to pasta, Philadelphia embraces its Italian heritage. Plus, since some research has linked garlic to heart health, it is not surprising to find it is a favorite in the City of Brotherly Love. In fact, Philly consumes more than 176,000 pounds of garlic powder a year -- nearly the weight of 126 "Rocky" statues.

- Coastal South Carolina is home to "low country" cooking. Charleston consumes almost 9,000 pounds of oregano each year, nearly 90 times the weight of the famous albino alligator in the South Carolina Aquarium. Of all the herbs, oregano has one of the highest antioxidant levels -- making it a true "Super Spice."

- Los Angeles consumes more than 208,000 pounds of cinnamon. That is the equivalent to 41 "Jaws" sharks found in the Hollywood classic. This sweet spice has been linked to controlling blood sugar levels.

- San Antonio loves its Tex-Mex, eating more than 98,000 pounds of cumin a year -- more than any other city in the nation. That is enough to put 1.5 pounds in every seat of the Alamodome.

"We are excited to celebrate the cities that are already enjoying the many benefits of spices and herbs," said Laurie Harrsen, McCormick spokesperson. "As spice consumption continues to grow, more people are realizing that adding 'Super Spices' is an easy way to add flavor and natural antioxidants throughout the day -- no matter what your local food favorites are."

For a full list of the top 50 "Super Spiced" cities, healthful "Super Spice" tips and recipes to spice up your plate with flavor and antioxidants:

From the January 12, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News
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