Danisco has taken natural food protection one step further, by converting its entire MicroGARD®and NovaGARD®ingredient lines to “gluten-free,” in response to growing consumer demand. This change follows the company’s earlier pledge to use only rBST-free, non-fat dry milk in all its milk-based formulations. With this latest move, the company’s MicroGARD natural fermentates–and its NovaGARD antimicrobial blends--provide the same functionality, while allowing them to conform to “gluten-free” regulations. MicroGARD and NovaGARD are part of Danisco’s Care4U™ range of natural food protection solutions, which also includes Nisaplin®and Natamax®purified antimicrobials, HOLDBACprotective cultures and GUARDIANnatural extracts. Danisco,www.daniscocare4u.com