The flavor for Litehouse’s recent launch of Yogurt Kefir Cultures Caesar Dressing has proven popular (indeed, according to last month’sNew Products Annual, Caesar was in the third-most introductions between 2007-2009). However, setting the Litehouse launch apart is its functional element. The dressing boasts eight live and active probiotic cultures, includingS. thermophilus,L. lactis,L. acidophilus and L. rhamnosus, as well as a note that kefir probiotics reportedly clean the digestive tract, improve immunity, regulate cholesterol and blood sugar, and improve liver and gallbladder functions. One of the product’s probiotics is a patented strain ofBacillus coagulans, an organism different from the other more traditional probiotics, in that its ability to form spores protects it from the low pH found in salad 

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