SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co. launched On-the-Go Shrimp Cocktail. 

Prepared Foods Favorite Product Nominee

Requiring virtually no prep work, this dippable shrimp cocktail is SeaPak’s response to consumer snacking demand, making it a convenient frozen seafood snack. Beginning this month, SeaPak On-the-Go Shrimp Cocktail will now reach consumers nationwide at select Kroger, Walmart and Target stores.

SeaPak set out to create a portable, protein-packed snack. As a result, SeaPak’s newest innovation is convenient – it can be thawed overnight in a refrigerator. Earlier this year, SeaPak executed an eight-week marketing blitz in the Atlanta and Denver markets, rolling out the snack to Denver-area King Sooper and Atlanta-area Kroger supermarkets. On-the-Go Shrimp Cocktail performed well, driving interest, trial and repeat purchases.

SeaPak’s On-the-Go Shrimp Cocktail retails for $3.49.


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