May 17/London/Lipids in Health and Disease-- The antioxidant potency of the hydroethanolic extract of Ormenis Africana (HEOA), Asteraceae was evaluated with regards to total polyphenol, flavonoid and anthocyanins content. Antioxidant activity has been assessed chemically and biologically.

First, the free radical scavenging ability of HEOA was evaluated using two commonly in vitro tests: ABTS and DPPH radicals. Then, the protection effect of this extract against oxidative stress was conducted in HeLa cells treated with Fe2+ or H2O2.

Oxidative stress was evaluated by measuring the lipid peroxidation levels (TBARs and DC) and the antioxidant enzymes activities (catalase and Superoxide dismutase). Cytotoxic effect of HEOA was prealably determined against HeLa cell line by MTT assay.

Results: HEOA contain considerable levels of antioxidant compound as evidenced by high amount of polyphenols (312.07 mg GAE/g dray matter), flavonoids (73.72 +/- 1.98 mg QE/g dray matterl) and anthocyanins (0.28 +/- 0.09 mg Cy-3-glu E/g dray matter).

DPPH and ABTS assays showed a high antioxidant activity (IC50= 24 ug/ml; TEAC = 2.137 mM) which was comparable to BHT.In biological system, HEOA exhibited a 50% cytotoxic concentration evaluated as 16.52ug/ml. Incubation of HeLa cell line with no cytotoxic concentrations resulted in a remarkable protection from oxidative stress induced by Fe2+ or H2O2 which was evidenced by a decrease of MDA and CD levels as well as a diminution of antioxidant enzymes activities (Catalase and SOD) as compared to cells treated with Fe2+ or H2O2 alone.

Conclusion: The hydroethanolic extract of O. Africana could thus be considered as a source of potential antioxidants. The results of this study will promote the reasonable usage of this plant in food and pharmacy industries as well as in alternative medicine and natural therapy.

Author: Riadh Ben MansourBochra GargouriMohamed BouazizNesrine ElloumiImtinene Belhadj JilaniZaineb GhrabiSaloua Lassoued

Credits/Source: Lipids in Health and Disease 2011, 10:78


From the May 17, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News.