June 27/Cambridge, Mass./Harvard University -- A study has found that among the rich calories food like ice cream, soda and candy, potato is the worst food, as it adds a pound in the weight of an individual each year. Besides, potato-based foods like chips are advertised in such a manner that they become irresistible.

The study conducted by Harvard University finds that the food we eat is responsible for making one fat rather than habits or lifestyle. Therefore, researchers behind the study are promoting health foods like fruits, vegetables and are urging people to reduce their consumption of potatoes, sweet and red meat.

For the study, doctors analyzed changes in diet and lifestyle habits of 120,877 people. For up to two decades, the weight of the participants was measured every four years. During the study, participants gained 17 pounds over 20 years.

The researchers found that potato chips were the biggest dietary offender. Each daily serving containing 1oz. (about 15 chips and 160 calories) led to a 1.69-pound uptick over four years. That is compared to sweets and desserts, which added 0.41 pounds. Soda added a pound over four years. Eating more fruits and vegetables and other unprocessed foods led to less weight gain, probably because they are fiber-rich and make people feel fuller.


From the June 27, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News.