August 2011/Prepared Foods --Grande Custom Ingredients Group’s Yogurt Powder is claimed to support clean, natural labeling. The company begins with Grade A dairy and uses a proprietary process to create a natural yogurt powder with an authentic yogurt flavor and the added functionality of water binding and high viscosity in cold and/or hot systems. It is process tolerant and freeze thaw stable; 100 % natural dairy, certified USPH Grade A, kosher and USDA compliant. It is labeled as “whey protein concentrate, nonfat dry milk, yogurt culture,” and has an authentic yogurt flavor, excellent protein profile and creamy, smooth texture. The powder can be used in traditional compound coating and supports the creation of products not possible in the past, such as instant yogurt dips and shelf stable dressings; yogurt smoothie mixes; and more –with a reduction in the use of starches and expensive gums, the company says. Grande Custom Ingredients Group,www.GRANDECIG.compf