December 14/Barcelona/Fox News -- Probiotics are live micro-organisms, which are thought to be beneficial to the stomach. However, a new study out of Spain finds they are also good for teeth.

Researchers at International University in Barcelona, Spain, looked at the effects of probiotics on gingivitis, bad breath and cavity development.

Researchers found that some of the probiotics showed promise -- either alone or as part of a formula -- for improving oral health.

Denise Cole, a registered dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic, who did not take part in the study, said people who took probiotic milk over a seven month period showed a decrease in cavities.

“We have also seen when probiotics were administered straight to the gum, that we did see a decrease in periodontal disease as well,” she said.

Probiotics can increase resistance to infectious diseases, help balance upset stomach and improve allergy symptoms.

“Probiotic milks and yogurts are a good source of those probiotics for you, and there are also over-the-counter pills (you can take),” Cole said.

The complete findings of this study are published in the Archives of Oral Biology Journal.

From the December 14, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News.