December 20/New York/PRNewswire -- Premier Beverage Group founder and president Fouad Kallamni cited a Morgan Stanley industry report on strong, sustained growth in the energy drink market as reason for optimism in 2012. This industry report examined the strong performance of various energy drinks on a year-over-year basis and provided a favorable comparison between the energy drink sector, the soft drink sector and the broader beverage sector.

"The energy drink market continues to grow at a hot pace," Kallamni explained.  "The consumption of energy drinks has become ubiquitous among both young and middle age consumers.  Historically, this category has been defined by mainstream energy drink brands; however, there is also a solid and growing market for brands that differentiate themselves from the pack, taking a leading position in their segment of the category.

"However, aside from the market leaders, it is no surprise to us that the 'me too' extreme energy drinks have declined in performance year-over-year, even with name-brand soft drink parent companies," Kallamni concluded.  "Tastes evolve over time, and the premium functional beverage market is ripe for innovation."

 From the December 20, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News.