Fernhill Beverage, Inc. announced that it completed negotiations to acquire 100% of Super Buzz Energy Drink.

Super Buzz Energy Drink is a performance beverage aimed at the 15-to 30-year-old demographic. The “New Age” brand is packaged in a 16-ounce aluminum can featuring a sci-fi themed character and a bright background demanding attention by the consumer.

Inside the very dynamic package is a juice-based blend of flavors and potent vitality ingredients such as l-carnitine, folic acid, vitamins, ginseng and taurine.

Currently, Super Buzz Energy Drink is being offered in an Mango-Passionfruit with other versions ready for development.

Fernhill Beverage feels the addition of this “super-premium” product will not only increase the Company’s top line revenues but will also increase the company’s bottom line profits. The suggested retail for Super Buzz Energy Drink is $2.49 per unit allowing ample profit to fuel growth. Fernhill Beverage currently has commitments from about half of the company’s existing distributors including its distributors in Mexico.

Fernhill Beverage also intends to take advantage of the relationships Super Buzz previously enjoyed by introducing those outlets to RK Super Vitamin Packed Kids Drink.