February 20/Auckland, New Zealand/Nutrition Bulletin-- A study conducted by the industry backed Tea Advisory Panel (TAP), published in the journal Nutrition Bulletin, proved that the intake of three or more cups of tea a day is helpful in reducing the risk of heart attack and cholesterol levels.

The researchers found daily consumption of black tea n slightly large amounts can help in preventing heart ailments as well as type 2 diabetes to a high extent. Though the benefits of black tea are already known, it is found difficult by people to decide the amount of tea to be taken.

Thus, after their recent analysis, the team members have found and are suggesting that where two or more cups help in cutting type 2 diabetes risks, more than three cups should be consumed to cut heart diseases, as black tea helps reduce blood sugar and bad cholesterol levels.

Health experts have revealed why black tea is helpful in preventing those, saying it contains flavonoid content antioxidant ingredients, which neutralize the cardiovascular diseases. They have also told that it works either if one takes tea with or without milk.

“With its antioxidant flavonoids, black tea packs a powerful punch with many health benefits, particularly for the heart. Recent studies show that the flavonoids work their magic whether or not we choose to add milk”, says nutritionist Carrie Ruxton, an author of the review.

Per Ruxton, one cup of tea consists of 150-200mg of flavonoids and is one of the best sources for consuming antioxidants in the daily diet. Therefore, one must take the same at least thrice a day so as to reassure oneself safe from such diseases’ risks, concludes the report.

 From the February 21, 2012, Prepared Foods' Daily News.