A Natural for Spreads, Dressings


DuPont Nutrition & Health’s new patent-pending GUARDIAN CHELOX L is a blend of natural plant extracts with antioxidant properties. It combines strong metal chelation with free-radical scavenging to create an effective, non-allergenic natural solution to preserve the freshness of food emulsions, according to the company. Taking the best in natural antioxidants to a new level of effectiveness, GUARDIAN CHELOX L gives processors of mayonnaise, dressings, margarine and spreads a new, flavor-based, value-added natural alternative to EDTA, which has long been the industry’s traditional, synthetic chelator.  DuPont Nutrition & Health, www.daniscocare4u.com pf

Low-sodium Foods? Give Them a Call


Nu-Tek Salt announced Khosla Ventures as a major equity partner, thanks to a “significant” investment in Nu-Tek. “This great partnership…will allow us to expand our capacity for our current customers and take advantage of the growing sodium-reduction market,” said Nu-Tek CEO Tom Manuel. “With our improved potassium chloride technology, we are able to provide unmatched lower-sodium alternatives to our customers in a cost-effective manner while maintaining the taste, flavor and functionality historically seen in processed foods.” Nu-Tek Salt LLC, www.nu-teksalt.com pf

New Natural Colors


Naturex has expanded its NAT color natural color additives line with VegeBrite, a new palette of vibrant shades. Officials say this groundbreaking new sub-line complements Naturex’s natural color additives, now named E-Colors. New VegeBrite includes a wide choice of shades made from fruit and vegetable concentrates. These ingredients are obtained without extraction or isolation, the company says. They perform well in a wide range of applications, providing preservative-free colors, thanks to an aseptic packaging line. Extracted and isolated from natural raw materials, E-Color is Naturex’s complete range of color additives that achieve exact color targets. Naturex, www.naturex.com pf

Enhance Flavor, Cut Sodium

  Kikkoman Sales USA offers two new products to naturally enhance flavor and reduce sodium. Available in liquid and powdered forms, new Kikkoman NFE (Natural Flavor Enhancer) lets developers reduce sodium by 30-50% and maintain a clean label. It is specifically formulated to have umami-boosting flavor and aroma. NFE’s light color and low cost make it appropriate for all savory applications. Kikkoman Less Sodium PTN (Premium Total Nitrogen) Soy Sauce is the lowest sodium Kikkoman Soy Sauce available. A tamari-style product, LS-PTN delivers high-impact flavor. It comes from elevated amino acid levels, released naturally in gentle fermentation. Kikkoman Sales USA, www.kikkomanusa. com/foodmanufacturers pf

Quality Soup. Made Easy


Sargento Food Ingredients’ new Portionables soup base pellets provide an innovative way to deliver soup. Processors can easily blend Portionables soup pellets with other IQF ingredients, like pasta, protein or vegetables, into a speed-scratch soup meal kit. Or, a developer may choose to formulate an entire soup into a Portionables pellet. Sargento Food Ingredients offers frozen food processors culinary assistance to help customize Portionables IQF soup base pellets. Pellets fit production and packaging lines with two sizes: 5–6g, 44mm or 1 ½-in long or 3-3.5g, 26mm or 1in long.  Sargento Food Ingredients Inc., www.sargentofoodingredients.com pf


Xanthan? Made “EC for You”
TIC Gums offers its FASTir Xanthan EC product line. FASTir Xanthan EC is a high-quality alternative when other sources of Xanthan are priced high, in short supply—or both. Among the benefits of FASTir Xanthan EC is a steady and predictable supply chain. Fewer interruptions mean more time processing and less waiting for raw materials. Invented for the stabilization of salad dressings, sauces, dips, soups and beverages, FASTir Xanthan EC offers high dispersability, quick hydration and consistent quality, the company notes. FASTir Xanthan EC is made with a patent-pending technology, available only from TIC Gums. A new brochure is available for immediate download at http://web.ticgums.com/fastir-xanthan/. TIC Gums Inc., www.ticgums.com pf