Lycored Ltd.’s unique tomato lycopene formulation is tailored specifically for use as natural colorant in surimi applications, enabling food manufacturers to use a natural, vegetarian colorant. Surimi is a highly popular food product in Asia and the U.S. and is available in many shapes, forms and textures—which are often identical to the meat of lobster, crab or other shellfish. The most common Western surimi product is a crab-meat analogue (“imitation crab” or “mock crab”). While the common red colorant used in the production of surimi is carmine extracted from cochineal insects, consumer aversion and growing concern over possible allergies has made carmine less desirable to processors. LycoRed’s innovative tomato lycopene formulations are said to maintain perfect stability during the production process and through the surimi product’s shelflife. The formulations are freely blendable with other colors, such as paprika, to allow manufactures flexibility. LycoRed, Israel,, pf


Beverage Boom  

National Starch Food Innovation/Corn Products International’s white paper, “Novel Ingredient Solutions for Formulating Clear-Type Beverages,” highlights how advancements in ingredient science are enabling manufacturers to meet increasing consumer demand for health and wellness beverages. The beverage fortification boom is causing beverage manufacturers to ramp up their product innovation/reformulation efforts. For example, while traditional emulsifiers often create challenges in developing clear-type beverages with high oil loads, a high-efficiency emulsifier derived from quillaja (soapbark extract) is ideal, due to its low viscosity and ability to stabilize high oil loads (up to 50%), notes the company. These high-oil-load systems can be made without weighting agents, yet still produce stable, fine-particle-sized emulsions for greater efficiency, superior performance and cost-competitiveness. The white paper highlights key growth drivers in the beverage industry and reviews a novel emulsification solution for development of beverages. For a copy, visit National Starch’s website. National Starch Food Innovation/Corn Products International, pf


Wild About Tuna

Wild Planet Foods Inc. recently introduced a new premium-quality tuna “so luscious the addition of mayonnaise would just ruin it,” notes the company. Packed in Spanish olive oil and cooked only once to retain the naturally high levels of omega-3 and fresh flavor, these extremely moist, thickly-cut Albacore fillets come apart at the touch of a fork. Wild Planet Albacore Fillets in Spanish Olive Oil are 100% sustainable, pole- and troll-caught in the Pacific Northwest, and contain less than half the mercury as compared to conventional brands, according to the company. Wild Planet Foods, pf




Rethinking Cheese

Whether for pizza, pasta or snacks, cheese gives many convenience products that “special something extra.” But, traditional cheese is not always the best choice: Cheese preparations or recombined alternatives can offer key advantages in manufacture and processing. With the new stabilizing systems from Hydrosol GmbH & Co., dairies, deli food makers, snack makers and processed cheese plants can make attractive alternatives for cheese, white cheese and ricotta. These recombined specialties are suitable for pizza, sausage and snack fillings, dips, bread spreads, salads and desserts. Batch production is simple and uncomplicated, requiring only a double-sided cooker and a filling system. Recombinants are usually less expensive than real cheese, since they can be made in part from vegetable fat and offer good product quality. On pizza, recombined cheese pulls into long strings, like real cheese. It also allows individual flavor and color adjustment. Hydrosol GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, pf




Super Granola

Hearthside Food Solutions LLC offers granola enriched with baobab. Baobab Foods—the importer of the superfruit produced by Afriplex of South Africa—supplied the Baobest brand baobab used in Hearthside’s granola. Hearthside’s GT Classic brand Baobab Coconut Granola is made with organic ingredients and is currently available in bulk bins at natural grocery chains, independent stores and co-ops across the U.S. GT Classic Baobab Coconut Granola, in 25lb bulk cases, is loaded with more than 27g of whole grains per serving and is a good source of fiber and protein. Minimal processing allows the company to maintain the baobab fruit’s nutrient synergy, which can help support a stronger immune system and healthier digestion. Baobab Foods, pf





Snack Base from Soy

Foods with higher protein content are desirable, but they can be challenging to formulate. Zumbro River Brand Inc. (ZRB) has developed a tasty, nutritious snack base made from soy protein and potato, with a protein level of 55%. A flavored 1oz serving delivers 12g of protein. The product is low in fat and has an appealing crunchy texture. The soy/potato snack can be produced in a variety of shapes. Because the base has a pleasant potato flavor, the product lends itself well to a variety of flavor inclusions, including barbeque, ranch, cheese, taco or sour cream. ZRB also can package the finished snack in form-fill-seal packages for retail sale. The new potato/soy pieces join a line of snacks and cereals available for contract manufacture to desired specifications. Zumbro River Brand, pf



Jazz it Up

Mardi Gras might be over, but Cajun/Creole-inspired foods are a party all year long. Zatarain’s helps bring the tastes of Louisiana to many flavorful, festive food preparation ideas with a spirit of Mardi Gras and inspired ideas: Host a “Big Easy,” pot-luck style party and ask folks to bring their favorite,

New Orleans-style dish—from dirty rice to jambalaya, and king cake for dessert. And, now one can use Zatarain’s free Pandora music station for an accompaniment of jazzy, authentic tunes. For Louisiana culinary history and tips, as well as recipes and more, go to pf



Heart-healthy Oil Study

Supplementation with Superba krill oil from AkerBioMarine ASA recently demonstrated beneficial effects on heart-health function in an experimental model of heart failure. Pre-treatment with krill oil attenuated left ventricular dilation and hypertrophy after myocardial infarction. The study was performed by researchers at Oslo University Hospital, Norway. Previous studies showed krill oil increases the level of EPA and DHA in heart tissue, but this is the first study to indicate beneficial effects on a hard end-point like myocardial infarction, explains the company. Superba krill is sustainably harvested in the southern Atlantic ocean near Antarctica via eco-friendly methods. pf



Teens and Grains

Teens are not consuming enough whole-grain foods, according to a recent study from the University of Minnesota at St. Paul, featured in the January 2012 issue of Food Nutrition & Science. The study analyzed adolescents aged 12-19 in the “National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey” (NHANES, 1999-2004); it found less than one third of teens consumed more than .5 whole-grain ounce-equivalents per day. The most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans, released January 2011, recommend all adults eat at least half their grains as whole grains (at least 3-5 servings); children need 2-3 servings or more. According to the Whole Grains Council, consumption lags far behind these recommendations. The average American eats less than one daily serving of whole grains, and some studies show that over 40% of Americans never eat whole grains at all. “This is an opportunity for food companies, school nutrition programs and retailers to market the health benefits of grains and create easier access to products and recipes,” says Phil Lempert, founder of Food Nutrition & Science and CEO of The Lempert Report and For more information or to subscribe to Food Nutrition & Science, please visit pf



Gelatin Snack to Help Dieters

Protica has added a new product to its line that is designed to help people on a calorie-counting diet. Protein Gem is a gelatin snack intended to help replace snacks that are typically unhealthy with snacks that have a high nutritional value. For consumers counting calories, it is important that every calorie consumed be comprised of healthy nutrients. Protein Gem addresses this challenge by providing a large amount of nutrition in proportion to its 130 calories per serving, writes the company. Protein Gem is designed to help dieters maintain calorie count while still felling full and obtaining vital nutrient. It contains 25g of protein, one serving of fruit and 5g of fiber. Gem’s formulation is also said to provide a lasting sense of fullness that can help dieters eat less. Protica Inc., pf



Tasty, Twisted Trends

A cooking revolution is on the rise with some of the latest trends in pre-packaged, versatile spreads that can be added to recipes to continuously invoke mouth-watering tastes while cutting time in the kitchen. Twisted Foods ( introduces Twisted Butter, a spreadable blend of salted butter, canola oil and all-natural ingredients in six versatile flavors. J&D’s Foods LLC’s ( Baconnaise provides the taste folks crave without the guilt, making bacon easy to add via easy spread format. Future Food Brands Co.’s ( Salads of the Sea make it a snap for seafood lovers to make a nautical feast with flavored spreads and dips in salmon, bacon-crab or other luscious flavors. Always a staple in recipes, using cream cheese gets even easier with Kraft Brands Inc.’s ( Philadelphia Cooking Cream—easy to melt and spoon, there are seven smooth, flavorful creams to add to side dishes or spreads. Lastly, Midtown Olive Press Oils and Vinegars Inc. ( allow consumers to enjoy the fresh taste and health benefits of high-quality oils and vinegars to be used alone or mixed together, in flavors such as Blood Orange, Organic Tarragon and others. pf




Oatmeal for Easy, Healthy Breakfast

Seneca Foods Corporation recently added two new flavors to its popular oatmeal product line: Seneca Farms Cranberry Apple and Maple & Brown Sugar. Seneca Farms Oatmeal is quick to prepare, portable and nutritious; it also provides an excellent source of vitamin C without trans fat or cholesterol. It takes just 45 seconds to prepare in the microwave and requires no added milk or water. Currently available in Apple Cinnamon and Vanilla Peach in 6oz microwaveable cups, Seneca Farms Oatmeal can be found nationally at a variety of retail grocery stores. Seneca Foods Corp., pf



Making Chips Healthier

The salt load of potato chips is released between 20-30 seconds after chewing begins, according to new UK research. But, the chip is swallowed before this occurs, so more salt is added in order to get the “flavor hit” sooner. The team, from the University of Nottingham, measured the salt-release of salted chips (or crisps, in the UK). They carried out a measurement of perceived saltiness and saliva conductivity (as an indicator of salt) and salt content by tongue swabbing over a 60-second period after a crisp was chewed, but not swallowed. The future development of new technology to modify rate-release mechanism of salt in the mouth could lead to less salt being used to flavor crisps/chips. pf




For daily industry news updates, see the homepages of and

* Tara Korde was named product marketing manager for CSM Co.’s Caravan Ingredients.

* Alchem International Ltd. opened its first North American office in Minneapolis, with sales and marketing office spearheaded by Laurent Leduc.

* The Flax Council of Canada and Glanbia Nutritionals announced an extensive updated Flax Research Database for Human Health and Nutrition available at

* Gelita AG is selling its shares in R.P. Scherer to majority shareholder Catalent.

* Vegetable Juices Inc. named Elizabeth Doyle president and CEO, Steve Wiley C.O.O. and Dr. Susan Abraham vice president of quality.

* Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce announced its 2012 general board of directors: president, Celine Roche (Mane USA); vice president, Amy Marks-McGee (Trendincite LLC); secretary, Kathryn Bardsley (IFF); and treasurer, June Burkhardt (JC Burkhardt Consulting).

* Novus International Inc. received the Arts and Education Council’s “Corporate Support of the Arts Award,” given annually to an organization that demonstrates a true commitment to the local arts community in St. Louis.

* Citromax Flavors Inc. appointed Suzy Nolan vice president of commercial operations.

* Kevin Nicolson is Virginia Dare’s new quality assurance manager.

* Prinova USA is now distributing Kaden Biochemicals GmbH botanical products in North America.

* D.D. Williamson & Co. added its first video interview in Spanish in the company’s online Expert Answers series. It also introduced two new industry interviews in the series: Kantha Shelke discussing the importance of color in food and beverage products; and Bheki Nkwanyana sharing insights into third-party audits, certifications and food safety in the food and beverage industry.

* Jennifer Thomas and Frank Gutjahr joined P.L. Thomas & Co. as the East Coast territory manager for nutraceuticals sales and as a key account manager for food sales, respectively.

* Brenntag Specialties Inc. and Horn Co. are now part of BASF Corp.’s human nutrition distribution network. 

* The Diana Group appointed Bastien Guelton as group M&A manager.

* Bell Flavors and Fragrances Inc. named Timothy Lauren vice president of U.S. Fragrance Sales and Trista Walas as sensory manager.

* Flavorchem Corp. acquired Marnap Industries Inc.

* Sodexo Inc. appointed Olivier Poirot senior vice president and chief financial officer.

* Corn Products International hired Santiago Vega as senior manager, nutrition marketing.

* Nestlé SA increased its stake in Osem Investments Ltd. by 4.99%, to take its holding to 58.76%.

* Kerry Ingredients & Flavours, Americas announced a $10 million expansion of its Beloit, Wis., plant.

* Sensient Technologies Corp. opened its new color and flavor complex in Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

* Rich Products Corp. named Kevin Malchoff executive vice president of Global Business Development and to its board of directors.

* ConAgra Foods Inc. agreed to acquire Del Monte Canada Inc. from an affiliate of private equity firm Sun Capital Partners Inc.

* PepsiCo and Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. formed a strategic alliance in Latin America.

* Frutarom Industries Ltd. acquired 56% of the share capital of the Etol d.d., a Slovenian company, and also signed an agreement for the acquisition of the British company Savoury Flavours (Holding) Ltd.

* Kemin Industries received Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) for all food ingredients manufactured in its Belgian facility.

* The Coca-Cola Co. will invest $1 billion in its operations in Mexico this year as part of a $5 billion long-term investment plan.

* Davisco Foods International Inc. named Jon Davis president and chief executive officer.

* Mizkan Americas announced organizational changes for Mizkan Americas, Mizkan Europe and Border Foods Inc.