IFT Expo visitors can taste how roasted whole grains enhance the flavor of both sweet and savory foods—from cupcakes to cornbread—at Briess Malt & Ingredients’ Booth 2855. Briess will sample chocolate cupcakes that are made with 25% of the cocoa powder replaced with CocoaPlus Cocoa Replacer. This all-natural ingredient is made from 100% pure, dark-roasted malted barley and has the flavor, color and functionality of cocoa powder. The cupcakes have a richer texture and chocolate flavor than cake made with only cocoa powder, says the company. The cornbread is made with 20% of the corn flour replaced with Briess Yellow Dent Corn Flour, an all-natural, 100% pure-roasted ingredient. The flour contributes a rich, savory, roasted corn flavor, which also can improve the flavor of corn snacks, taco shells, tortillas, gravies, roux, batters and soups. – Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.,www.briess.compf



Red Meat Flavor

Savoury Systems introduces #0846 Red Meat Type YE. As the name conveys, the product imparts a red meat flavor. However, it accomplishes this using yeast extract and is, therefore, a vegetarian product. Applications include soups, soup bases and finished entrees. Recommended usage is approximately 0.5–2.5% of the finished product. Visit Savoury Systems at the IFT Expo, Booth 739, for more details about this and other new offerings. – Savoury Systems International Inc., www.savourysystems.compf



New Gluten-free Option

Most gluten-free baked goods contain complex combinations of ingredients, such as various non-wheat flours, starches and hydrocolloids to replace wheat flour. These elaborate formulations greatly complicate recipe development and production, and often lead to inconsistent product quality. American Key Food Products announced the application for a patent for its gluten-free King Lion Premium Cassava Flour and the proprietary manufacturing process developed by the company. AKFP also states that it has begun commercial production of the specialty flour. Because in most cases this cassava flour is the only ingredient needed to replace wheat flour, the formulations, production processes, ingredient inventories and ingredient lists on labels are greatly simplified, AKFP says. King Lion Premium Cassava Flour has been shown to perform well in products as diverse as cookies, cakes, muffins, pancakes, tortillas, foccaccia, pizza crust, buns and breads. – American Key Food Products, www.americankeyfood.compf



Food Safety Partner

Flour is a raw agricultural product, yet flour-containing foods (e.g., cookie dough and frozen pizza) are often consumed raw or undercooked, which can be unsafe. ConAgra Mills’ new SafeGuard Treatment & Delivery System is not just a product or a process. It’s a patent-pending, comprehensive, integrated solution that extends ready-to-eat flour safety assurance. The SafeGuard Treatment & Delivery System provides the only safe-to-consume, functional flour on the market with up to a 5-log validated pathogen reduction that can be customized based on specific product requirements.

The company claims it is a one-of-a-kind, all-natural pathogen treatment that maintains absorption, starch quality, gluten vitality and enzyme activity. – ConAgra Mills, www.conagramills.com pf



Vegan-friendly Vitamin D

Considering the vegan market? Guzen Development’s new High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder is an organic, whole food supplement ingredient that provides a pure vegetable source of vitamin D2 in the form of a 100% whole-food mushroom powder. Most vitamin D supplements are in the form of vitamin D3, sourced from lanolin (sheep’s wool), and therefore not suitable for those who live a vegan lifestyle. Edible fungi, such as Agaricus bisporus—or the popular white button mushroom—are abundant in vitamin D. The proprietary dried flour (High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder) provides superior levels of vitamin D2. High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder from Guzen Development is ideal for packaged foods, such as soups and sauces, as well as mushroom chips with the same high levels of vitamin D. – Guzen Development, www.guzendevelopment.compf



Natural Bacon Flavor

Want to taste the latest trend? Flavor Dynamics knows some of the food industry’s hottest concepts involve bacon combinations—such as those blending bacon with chocolate, spices, fruits and more. That’s why the company developed a well-rounded, not-too-smoky, “umami-and meaty-based” bacon flavor that is suitable for blending with a variety of flavor characteristics. – Flavor Dynamics Inc., www.flavordynamics.compf



Fresh, Triple-washed Garlic

Now it’s easier to use fresh garlic in product development. The Garlic Co. offers triple-washed, diced garlic with a 45-day shelflife. That’s more than double the shelflife of other fresh, diced garlic and more economical, too, the company says. Visit The Garlic Co. at IFT Expo, Booth 3751, for more details. – The Garlic Co., www.thegarliccompany.com pf



Snack Attack

Snacking has become one of America’s new favorite pastimes and applies to all ages.  Key snacking trends include creating kid-friendly, nutritious snacks and developing bite-sized, portion-controlled snacks for grown-ups to enjoy. Visit Grain Processing Corporation’s (GPC) IFT Expo Booth 1259 to learn about new TruBran corn bran, which GPC will feature in a kid-friendly pizza snack. TruBran corn bran is a natural, insoluble dietary fiber that can easily boost fiber levels without sacrificing taste. TruBran’s light, creamy color makes it easy to add fiber with minimal impact on finished product appearance. GPC also will sample food and drinks showcasing its INSCOSITY instant food starch and MALTRIN QD (quickly dispersing) maltodextrin. – Grain Processing Corporation, www.grainprocessing.compf



Patented Grill Flavors

The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded a patent to Summit Hill Flavors for the company’s special Grill Flavor process technology. “This new technology will not only improve on controlling the manufacturing process, but also offers more flavor formulation flexibility compared to past traditional grill flavor processing methods,” says Dr. Jurgen Scheide, Summit Hill technology inventor and founder. Adds Dwight Grenawalt, vice president and general manager, “This new technology allows us to offer the food industry the real flavors of grilling meat, poultry and seafood that are traditionally cooked in an outdoor, open-hearth cooking preparation. The industry challenge has always been to develop a grill flavor manufacturing process to deliver a grilled flavor with the taste and aroma that would be more pleasing to the end-consumer.” – Summit Hill /Activ International Group, www.summithillflavors.compf



New Capabilities

This year’s IFT Expo lets Synergy Flavors, Booth 1508, showcase new capabilities since the company acquired two other flavor businesses: Sethness Greenleaf and Sensus. Synergy will sample a cucumber essence—derived from a gentle process using water as the solvent—to capture the most aromatic elements of a cucumber. Visitors also can try ready-to-drink, juice-tea beverages that showcase tea extract from Sensus; beverage development from Sethness Greenleaf; and flavors from Synergy. New flavored marshmallows also offer dessert flavor profiles packed into a puffy treat covered in chocolate. Visitors also can sample frozen beverages, including a non-alcoholic caipirinha (Brazil’s national drink). – Synergy Flavors Inc., www.us.synergytaste.compf



Clean Label Info Source

Corn Products International/National Starch Food Innovation launched www.cleanlabelinsights.com, a new website addressing clean label products. Despite growing demand from consumers for cleaner labels, no industry-wide definition exists. National Starch/Corn Products reviewed the market in order to propose defining clean label as: “free from food additives,” “simple ingredient listing” and “minimally processed.” In response to strong market growth in the area of clean label, the website provides a platform for manufacturers and opinion leaders to access the latest research, technical advances, culinary applications, regulatory information and case studies on consumer product activity in the clean label space. Officials say they kicked off the website initiative with the first in a new series of consumer research projects to identify global attitudes to clean label foods and beverages. It provides insights into the impact of product labeling on purchasing behavior in different regions. – Corn Products International/National Starch Food Innovation, www.cornproducts.compf



Tortilla Grains Blend

Caravan Ingredients’ new Tortilla Grains Blend is a specially formulated blend of grains that complements ingredients in tortillas and other baked goods. Tortilla Grains Blend helps manufacturers produce a multi-grain tortilla without voids and tears in the tortilla surface. With softer and finer particulates, this product adds multi-grain color, appearance and flavor to tortillas and other pressed or sheeted products. Meanwhile, it will not damage product integrity and functionality. Caravan says Tortilla Grains Blend works well in both small and large bakery applications and can be applied to any baked good, particularly pressed or sheeted products, such as tortillas, flatbreads and crackers. – Caravan Ingredients, www.caravaningredients.compf



Texture-enhanced Granola Clusters

Viterra, IFT Expo Booth 2511, is a trusted supplier of processed oats, barley, custom-coated whole grains and granola clusters, pasta and canola oil. Viterra’s new Dual Texture Granola Clusters are made with whole-grain rolled oats, graham crumbs and rich, chewy fruit pieces—then enhanced with a sweet fruity-flavored coating. The unique process delivers dried dual-textured clusters, which maintain the highly textured crunch from the granola, and a chewy, flavorful bite from the fruit piece. These sensory- and texture-satisfying products are the perfect choice for ready-to-eat cereal inclusions, snack mixes or stand-alone granola cereal. Choose one of three new flavors—Blueberry, Apple and Raspberry—or let the company work to design a flavor-packed product to meet individual needs. – Viterra Inc., www.viterra.com/foodingredients pf



Spark Up A Recipe

Add a spark to any recipe with the distinctive flavor profiles of true-dried Mexican chiles. Culinary Farms is pleased to offer these characteristically pungent ingredients—unblended and dried from authentic fresh chiles (without the application of sulfites). The company’s attention to sourcing and supplying the best-quality products creates the critical difference in its line of Mexican Dried Chiles. Culinary Farms consistently monitors its relationship with a supplier in Mexico. This is why the company guarantees its chiles are pure, unadulterated and give reliable pungency, particle size and optimum quality. Available in ground, flakes, pastes and roasted. – Culinary Farms, www.culinaryfarms.compf



Fresh Ideas to Taste

Cargill and Horizon Milling showcased several fresh ideas at the Bakery Association of Canada’s Bakery Showcase in Toronto. Visitors sampled a reduced-sodium chocolate cookie with white chocolate drizzle, featuring the SaltWise sodium-reduction system and Wilbur Platinum white chocolate; a breakfast cookie featuring Oliggo-Fiber inulin for digestive health benefits (such as increased fiber) without compromised taste or texture; a shelf-stable vanilla cookie featuring Clear Valley omega-3 shortening for a clean taste and mouthfeel; and unfrosted layer cakes featuring new Robin Hood cake bases that can be used to create great-tasting treats with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Available in vanilla, chocolate and dark chocolate. – Horizon Milling LLC, www.horizonmilling.compf



Boost Bakery Flavor, Color

AAK offers shortening flakes made at company’s 10-acre, state-of-the-art facility in Kentucky. Shortening flakes offer convenience, a vehicle for flavor and color—as well as a unique functionality in bakery products, especially biscuits and pizza applications.  There is a wide variety of flakes which are palm- and soy-based, as well as those with no trans fats. AAK offers custom product development for quality performance.  AAK’s shortening flakes are kosher-certified, Circle U and NFPA-SAFE. – AAK-US, www.aak.com.pf



The Gum Source

A leading global xanthan gum manufacturer, Deosen offers a wide range of xanthan gums for foods and beverages. Deosen’s Ziboxan brand xanthan gums are key ingredients in many of the world’s best-known dressings, sauces, syrups, frozen desserts, baked goods, and other foods and beverages. Its specialized gum offerings include Low Dust, Rapid Dispersion, Amylase-Free, Cellulase-Free, Smooth-Flow, Brine-Tolerant and Clarified. “In addition to our unwavering emphasis on quality, our focus on xanthan enables us to also offer our customers very high levels of service through our specialized distribution, warehousing and logistics capabilities,” notes CEO Lawrence Herbolsheimer. – Deosen USA, www.deosenusa.compf



High-performance Emulsifier

Palsgaard A/S, IFT Expo Booth 329, is introducing its high-performance powder emulsifier, Emulpals 110, to the U.S. market. Easy-to-use Emulpals 110 delivers at least two years of shelflife. It is stable from batch to batch and provides excellent tolerance for factors such as heat, cocoa and other ingredients. It also is a natural carrier, containing only two emulsifiers–mono/diglycerides and polyglycerol esters–and a single activating medium. It is ideal for cake mixes ranging from sponge cakes to Swiss rolls to pound cakes. Need a cleaner, healthier product and label? Try Palsgaard SA 6600 activated powdered cake emulsifier. It contains only one ingredient that needs to be added to a label: the emulsifier. In most cases, its single food carrier, wheat flour, is already on the label. Palsgaard SA 6600 also allows the replacement of fat sources containing a high amount of saturated fats with healthier liquid vegetable oils containing a high amount of unsaturated fats. – Palsgaard A/S, www.palsgaard.compf



Chocolate Tea

Virginia Dare, IFT Expo Booth 2521, has developed new chocolate flavors coupled with Virginia Dare natural black tea flavors. They have a distinct chocolate scent and flavor. The finished beverage is 10 brix, providing approximately 100 calories per 8oz serving. They are the color of traditional black tea, as the flavors don’t add considerable color to the already relatively dark beverage. The company’s chocolate tea formations currently use a low level of citric acid as the acidulant and are sweetened with cane sugar. Chocolate tea beverages add a luxury and decadent perception to an already popular beverage. – Virginia Dare, www.virginiadare.compf



Specialty Pepper Flavors

Let the experts at Kalsec, IFT Expo Booth 3369, help with the discovery of natural food ingredient solutions—including colors, antioxidants and hops specific to any product requirement. Addressing consumer interest for authentic regional flavors, Kalsec added a line of specialty pepper flavors to its Latin American Culinary Collection. Specialty pepper flavors in this portfolio now include Ancho, Chipotle, Guajillo, Habanero and Jalapeno. Available in a concentrated form, Kalsec specialty pepper flavors provide more convenience and microbial stability than their purée counterparts. No refrigeration is necessary, and the consistency and delivery of these flavors in a concentrated form offers superior performance and economic advantages, says the company. – Kalsec Inc., www.kalsec.compf



Come Taste the Trends

Visitors should be sure to make their way to David Michael & Co.’s IFT Expo Booth 1901 to taste a world of flavor trends. Inspired by a retro resurgence, David Michael (DM) will feature two Adults Only flavored-water ices that taste just like their real cocktail counterpart. And, who says gluten-free foods can’t be yummy? DM’s Gluten Free Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Gluten Free Cocoa Buttercream Frosting won’t disappoint. DM also will sample an Achiote Lime Greek Yogurt dip, as well as indulgent treats made with a 30% reduction in cocoa. Depending on the application, Cocoa-Mate is functionally capable of replacing up to 40% of the cocoa powder used in a finished product. – David Michael & Co., www.dmflavors.compf



Sweet and Savory

iTi Tropicals is pleased to offer 22 brix and new 65 brix cloudy tamarind juice concentrate. Tamarind brings a sweet-and-savory aspect to any product. An excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of iron, tamarind pulp is a common ingredient in curries, chutneys, sauces and even frozen desserts. Its acidity pairs well with sugar, chilies and other flavors. Tamarind can be used to season cooked rice, meat, fish and sauces. Imagine the possibilities of formulating with tamarind: tamarind BBQ wings, tamarind rice pudding, tamarind piccadillo, tamarind ale, fried fish with a tamarind sauce, tamarind chicken with mango salsa and sweet tamarind chutney. Tamarind also adds a slight tang to ice cream or other frozen desserts. iti Tropicals’ tamarind products are 100% natural, GMO-free, and produced from fresh, ripe, carefully selected fruit. They do not contain artificial color, flavors or preservatives. Tamarind is processed in FDA-registered facilities, which are HACCP and kosher-certified. – iti Tropicals, www.ititropicals.compf



Egg-celent Choice

Consumers are looking for real foods and cleaner labels. That’s why IFT Food Expo attendees should visit the American Egg Board, Booth 1114. Few food ingredients are as pure and simple as egg products, which are recognized by product developers as bringing more to product formulations with less, according to Elisa Maloberti, director of egg product marketing, American Egg Board, “In fact, with 20-plus functions, some might say egg products are anything but simple. But, the truth is, egg products are uniquely pure and simple,” she says. Direct from Mother Nature, egg products can replace a number of ingredients because of their functional properties. Their inclusion on ingredient statements is simple: egg, egg white, egg yolk. Egg products come in frozen, refrigerated liquid and dried forms. They can be the whole egg, or just the whites or yolks. Sometimes additional ingredients are added for functional purposes; this provides the manufacturer with the exact specifications they need for producing their products. – American Egg Board, www.eggsolutions.com or www.aeb.orgpf



Improve Wheat Flour Tortillas

Church & Dwight’s Arm & Hammer Tortilla Blend is a unique sodium bicarbonate product formulated to produce leavening reactions at specific stages in the production of wheat flour tortillas. Tortilla Blend is used in combination with conventional leavening acids to optimize leavening performance. Optimal leavening of wheat flour tortillas results in: greater stack height and overall volume, more even brown toast points, reduced translucency and a soft, tender texture. Visit Church and Dwight’s IFT Booth 2005 to learn more about the company’s Arm & Hammer Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Bicarbonate and Flow-K Potassium Bicarbonate. Church and Dwight caters to the food industry, offering only the highest quality bicarb-onates. – Church & Dwight, Performance Products Group, www.ahperformance.compf



Oat Benefits

PromOat is a naturally separated, oat beta glucan-rich soluble fiber, which, thanks to Biovelop’s patented, chemical-free technology, can be added to a wide range of foods and beverages. This gives products all the health benefits of oats without the oat taste, color or graininess. PromOat combines the substantiated and well-recognized health benefits of oats with exceptional functionality in an all-natural, clean label ingredient. Learn about PromOat and other ingredient solutions by visiting Brenntag North America’s IFT Expo Booth 2400. Brenntag is a global market leader in full-line chemical and ingredient distribution. With more than 10,000 products and a world-class supplier base, Brenntag offers one-stop-shop solutions to about 160,000 customers. – Brenntag North America, www.brenntagnorthamerica.compf



Improve Accuracy, Save Time

ESHA Research, IFT Expo Booth 2621, takes product development and nutrient analysis to new levels of ease and accuracy. ESHA’s Genesis R&D software lets users customize work and save countless hours of re-entry and hand calculations. In addition to the many label formats, a variety of professional reports are available. Food lab managers can view analysis as a spreadsheet, protein quality report, bar graph, single nutrient report and many others. Genesis R&D helps food technology professionals automate both nutrient analysis and the creation of a variety of labels. With one click, users can automatically generate a label complete with ingredient and allergen statements. Other label formats include: Supplement Facts, Aggregate, Dual Declaration and the new Child Label. – ESHA Research Inc., www.esha.compf



Cheese. Eyes Wide Open.

Research by DuPont Nutrition & Health is helping Europe’s cheese makers realize “optimal eyes” development easily and efficiently. The CHOOZIT Eyes range of propionic acid bacteria cultures makes great-looking cheese with the requisite sensory properties, meaning it is a true improvement to standard cultures available to date. CHOOZIT Eyes 2 has been formulated to help semi-hard and hard cheese makers differentiate their product with intense and rich cheese flavor, and to gain and maintain consumer loyalty by giving consistent cheese quality. The product also helps to improve industrial efficacy and flexibility, thanks to “fast eyes formation,” short ripening time and suitability for various continental cheese styles and flavors (in combination with CHOOZIT Flavour adjuncts). – DuPont Danisco, www.danisco.com and www.dupont.com  pf