July 19/Northbrook, Ill. -- Kraft brands String Cheese and Polly-O String Cheese have partnered with Crayola to launch a back-to-school promotion which will run until October.

During the promotional period, buyers of the string cheese brands and their respective cheese will get a coupon inside each cheese package good for $3 off Crayola products. The package design of the cheese products was changed to resemble Crayola’s iconic crayon boxes, and each cheese stick’s wrapper is stylized as a Crayola crayon in different colors.

“The goal is to ‘disrupt’ the string cheese shelf with unexpected packaging that leverages Crayola’s equity, in combination with a great consumer offer,” said Camille Vareille, brand manager, cheese snacking for Kraft Foods.

The campaign targets moms of kids 6-12 who are concerned of what their children eat at school. Kraft Foods markets the Kraft-branded string cheese and Twists products west of Pittsburgh, and the Poly-O-branded products east of Pittsburgh, explains Marketing Daily.

The promotion includes in-store displays, banners and shelf-talkers, as well as website promotions.