August 12/Chicago/PRNewswire -- DS Waters of America Inc. announces the acquisition of the office coffee and water filtration service divisions of Cascade Coffee Inc., headquartered in Everett, WA.  This is the company's first acquisition in the office coffee service or water filtration categories since March 2012 when DS Waters acquired The Standard Coffee Service Company.

Cascade Coffee has delivered coffee services to businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest region since 1995. "Customers can now enjoy a variety of beverage offerings including brewed coffee, tea and bottled water delivered by one company," said Phil Johnson, chairman and CEO of Cascade Coffee Inc. 

"The quality of the drinking water truly makes a difference in brewing a delicious cup of coffee," stated Ken Shea, vice president general manager Brewed Beverage Division, DS Waters.  "We are pleased that we will continue to distribute the Compass Creek coffee brand to all our customers in Washington and Oregon."

"We welcome all Cascade Coffee customers to the DS Waters family and look forward to offering them a wide variety of beverages delivered through our outstanding customer service," said Tom Harrington, president and CEO, DS Waters.