In Spain, Fossil's Vaporized Liquid Salt is a spray bottle of low-sodium salt; the manufacturer claims using the product can help reduce sodium consumption by around 90%.  Another approach came from PepsiCo in Brazil, where the company launched Cheetos Cream Cheese Flavored Wavy Corn Snack with 25% less sodium. The onus is on manufacturers to continue to launch products formulated with low sodium.

IIlumati Rare Hot Spring Lithium Water is lightly sparkling, unsweetened water with a natural lemon flavor and no calories. Launched in Canada, the retailer claims this water from the Canadian Rockies is naturally rich in lithium, a dietary trace element clinically shown to increase new brain cell formation and improve thinking, memory and mood. Lithium in spring water is not uncommon, and there have been launches in the category making functional brain health claims. However, Ilumati Rare Hot Spring Lithium Water is unique for directly relating the naturally occurring ingredient lithium in spring water with these functional brain health benefits. 

In Japan, Pokka has launched a children's coffee-flavored drink. Although the Pokka Kids CafÈ does not contain coffee, it is formulated to mimic the taste and texture of cafÈ au lait. This is achieved by caramelizing glucose to create a similar color and bitter taste. The Pokka Kids CafÈ contains added calcium and is vitamin-/mineral-fortified. The image of Penguin No Modai, a popular comic in the region, is displayed on the front of the can to appeal to youngsters. This product is among several other recent launches which have taken adult beverage formats and adapted them for children.

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