frappe, coffee drinkR. Torre & Company, Inc., South San Francisco, says it introduced Torani Real Cream Frappé Bases to meet operator and consumer demand for a better, more natural frappé. Officials say Torani Real Cream Frappé Bases are liquid, pour-over-ice-and-blend bases that “create extra creamy, velvety drinks” and feature simple ingredients, such as real dairy cream, pure cane sugar and vanilla extract. Varieties include Real Cream, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Coffee. Torani Real Cream Frappé Bases are all-natural with no preservatives and offer a smoother-textured drink than powder-based frappés. They allow cafés to feature their espresso and deliver a 16oz drink with only 300-380 calories each, which is up to 45% fewer calories than leading powders. Each Torani Real Cream Frappé Base container makes eight to 10, 16oz drinks and is available in a 1.5-liter aseptic container, packed eight per case.