Citromax used the recent Flavorcon 2019 event, early November in Cincinnati, Ohio, to introduce line of lemonade bases. 

By eliminating many of the time-consuming and labor-intensive practices commonly associated with making lemonade bases, Citromax delivers cost efficiency and saves manufacturers precious time. The bases are supplied ready-to-use, requiring only the addition of sweetener and water.

Exhibiting at Flavorcon, Citromax invited attendees to try the new bases in three on-trend prototypes: a Lemon Lime Lemonade, Hibiscus Lemonade and a White Peach Lemonade. 

John Cavallo, PhD, senior vice [resident, Technology & Commercial Development, notes that since the lemons are processed on the very same day they are picked, the freshness is unbeatable. The company’s vertically integrated planting, harvesting and processing capabilities ensure great taste and high quality. Citromax is the third largest lemon processor—and the largest organic lemon producer—in the world, with more than 13,000 acres of sustainable lemon orchards in Tucuman, Argentina. They know everything there is to know about lemon oil, juice, peel, pulp and lemonade bases. 

“With Citromax, you can count on the pure, authentic and fresh taste of real lemon in all your conventional and organic lemonade products,” says Dr. Cavallo. “You’ll also have the comfort of knowing you are working with a company that is fully committed to sustainable farming practices.” 

Citromax’s long-term experience in lemon growing and processing is complemented by their flavor expertise. The Citromax Flavor Division allows the company to offer a variety of flavored lemonade bases, as well as custom-created lemonade bases for new product concepts. Their technical specialists can provide the support clients need for the development of authentic lemon-based lemonade products, whether it’s adding lemon pulp, lemon oil, vitamins, sweeteners or an unlimited number of flavors.

For more information about these bases and Citromax’s lemon capabilities, contact Melanie Gong at

About Citromax

Citromax, headquartered in Carlstadt, N.J., is a vertically integrated lemon grower, processor and fully comprehensive flavor manufacturer. Founded in 1964, Citromax produces high quality lemon products – fresh fruit, lemon oil, juice, and peel – in Tucumán, Argentina. Today, Citromax, is the third largest lemon processor in the world with over 4,500 hectares (13,000+ acres) of lemon orchards. Citromax is also the largest organic Lemon producer in the world. 

At Citromax Flavors’ state-of-the-art, QAI-certified, flavor development and production facilities in Carlstadt, N.J., we produce some of the most recognized, iconic flavors for beverages, confectionery products, dairy and baked goods offerings.