Nasoya is demystifying tofu and making it easier than ever for consumers to enjoy the healthful, meatless protein at home with its new TofuBaked. 


Research from Nasoya (Vitasoy-USA) has long identified ease of use as the main challenge in cooking tofu at home. In fact, a recent survey by Nasoya indicated that 62% of tofu non-users think it is a healthy alternative to meat but 49% say they don't know how to prepare it. Pre-cooked, marinated and available in two flavorful varieties, Sesame Ginger and Teriyaki, TofuBaked takes the guesswork out of tofu providing home cooks with a ready-to-eat way to prepare and serve tofu, without the draining or pressing.

"People are increasingly seeking meatless protein options but often overlook tofu as it's perceived as being difficult to prepare. TofuBaked makes serving tofu as easy as opening the package," said Walt Riglian, CEO of Vitasoy-USA. "Whether vegetarian or flexitarian, TofuBaked is an excellent meat alternative that packs protein without the cholesterol and fat."

Versatile and delicious, TofuBaked can be easily placed atop a chopped salad, added to a mixed vegetable stir fry or sandwiched between bread for a delicious meal anytime – ready to eat heated or cold. Always a resource for tofu education and inspiration, the Nasoya website,, offers consumers dozens of tofu recipes, tips and tricks on how to use tofu including an easy to use instruction program for novices, Tofu U.

Packed with 32g of protein per 8oz package, TofuBaked is a cholesterol-free and low saturated fat alternative to meat. Nasoya TofuBaked, like all Nasoya tofu products, is USDA Certified Organic using Non-GMO soy. Nasoya TofuBaked is available at grocers nationwide and can be found in the refrigerated case in the produce section or in the dairy aisle.