Synergy Flavors Inc, protein enriched food, protein beveragesSynergy Flavors Inc. used SupplySide West to showcase advanced flavor technologies and masking solutions in several protein-based nutrition powders, bars and beverages. Visitors to Synergy’s Booth 32133 sampled protein enriched frozen cappuccino; Greek yogurt covered granola clusters with added protein; protein "buzz bars" packed with the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee; and  fruit-filled cereal bars that deliver protein with great taste.

In related news, Synergy has completed a 2014 study that advances the science of masking flavor challenges associated with protein-enriched sports nutrition products.

Working with North Carolina State University (NCSU) researchers, Synergy focused on the sensory analysis and flavor chemistry of various protein sources. For several years, Synergy researchers have looked closely at how dairy proteins bind and interact with flavor compounds. For the first time, these studies were expanded to include a wider variety of protein sources. This enables Synergy to develop fresh, innovative, optimized flavors for a variety of protein-based formulations.

Synergy continues to make advancements in the sports nutrition market, thanks to support from its parent company, Carbery, a leading whey protein manufacturer. Carbery has 40 years of specialized research in whey protein, concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates; as well as these ingredients’ roles in endurance, strength training and recovery nutrition products.

Combined with Synergy’s extensive flavor knowledge, both companies’ experts can help formulators develop nutritional bars, beverages, and powders that strike the perfect balance of taste and performance.

Carbery further contributes to advances in protein science through an alliance with Food for Health Ireland (FHI), a consortium of leading academic and government researchers and major dairy producers in Ireland. Dairy industry leaders working in partnership with FHI take active roles in researching, developing and manufacturing functional ingredients derived from milk to improve health and wellness in the areas of sports nutrition, weight management, healthy aging and infant nutrition.

“Our continued investment and dedication to developing advanced flavor technologies through protein research programs is driven by our commitment to create flavorful, nutritional products that help our customers meet the evolving needs of the consumer market,” says Rod Sowders, president of Synergy Flavors.

—Synergy Flavors Inc.,