Multisorb Technologies will showcase sorbent solutions for food and beverage packaging at Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago, Nov. 2-5, 2014. Food product developers and packaging professionals are invited to visit Multisorb at Booth 4143. 

Multisorb's clean label technology allows the packaging to be the preservative. The internal environment of the packaging is controlled by removing oxygen, which reduces the need for preservatives; and by maintaining the equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) within the package, which keeps food at its desired moisture.

Clean label technology helps streamline the ingredient list while maintaining shelf life; preserving color, taste, aroma, and mouth-feel; and preventing spoilage.

Multisorb's sorbents, oxygen scavengers, desiccants and other absorbers are widely used to maintain the freshness of baked goods, fresh and processed meats, snack foods, nuts, and many other foods. Multisorb will display many of its unique solutions including its newest JerkyFresh® oxygen absorbers along with its award winning FreshMax® self-adhesive oxygen absorbers and longtime favorite FreshPax® packets.

Multisorb's new JerkyFresh packets are designed specifically to keep jerky products with a water activity level less than 0.85 fresh longer than atmospheric, gas flushing, and vacuum packaging alone. JerkyFresh oxygen absorbers irreversibly absorb oxygen inside sealed packaging to less than 0.01% and maintain this level, keeping the jerky fresh and extending its shelf life. For customers looking for a more inconspicuous solution, FreshMax self-adhesive oxygen absorbers are the solution. These award winning oxygen absorbers adhere to the interior of almost any package, creating a unique solution for deli meat in lidded trays.

FreshPax packets are the flagship oxygen absorber for food and beverage products. They are the most versatile because they can be provided in a wide range of sizes and capacity. These are especially suited to mid- to high-speed packaging lines. Easy to use, FreshPax packets are part of an unrivaled system when paired with its corresponding FreshPax dispenser. Because they are manufactured to operate together, lines see higher efficiencies and less downtime. The dispensers are available with inert gas purge to protect the capacity of the FreshPax packets. –Multisorb Technologies,