San Joaquin Valley Concentrates (SJVC) uses an innovative, patented drying technology to produce natural colors in a crystal form.

Compared to standard powdered and spray dried colors, this new crystal form provides several benefits: crystals are quickly and completely soluble, carrier free, and significantly more concentrated in color. They are non-hygroscopic and have a five-year shelf life at ambient temperatures.

SJVC’s anthocyanin colors are made from fruits and vegetables. Their most popular color is made from Rubired grapes, which are grown predominantly in the San Joaquin Valley. The color from these grapes has superior heat and light stability compared to all other red fruit colors.

SJVC’s anthocyanin colors can be used in a wide range of acidic applications such as beverages, confections, fruit preparations, yogurt and nutraceuticals. Visit SJVC’s website to learn more about its products and download new technical documents.—San Joaquin Valley Concentrates,