Innovative specialty food manufacturer, Inventure Foods, Inc. developed a potato chip flavoring to be made with sweet onion puree from real Vidalia onions. The resulting chip, Boulder Canyon Sweet Vidalia® Onion Kettle Chips, is a premium, crunchy kettle-cooked potato chip that balances between sweet and savory flavors. Boulder Canyon Sweet® Vidalia Onion Kettle Chips appear in grocery stores nationwide this month with a retail price of $3.49 - $3.99 per 6.0-ounce bag. 


Building on a licensing agreement established two years ago that spawned several innovative snacks under the Vidalia brand, Sweet Vidalia® Onion Kettle Chips represent the first licensed flavor introduction under Inventure's premium Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods™ line of kettle chips.

"Potato chips are the top-selling snack food in the world, and onion flavors specifically have historically been among the top-sellers," said Steve Sklar, senior vice president and general manager for Inventure Foods, Inc. "Our partnership with Vidalia Brands has allowed us to develop a proprietary seasoning that brings the taste of America's favorite onion to the snack chip aisle of the grocery store for the first time. Pairing the natural sweetness of Vidalia onions with the irresistible crunch of our Boulder Canyon brand is a dream-come-true for potato chip lovers."

Sweet Vidalia ® Onion Kettle Chips are minimally-processed using only real food ingredients. In addition, they are cooked in better-for-you oils such as safflower and sunflower which result in a chip that is free of trans-fats. Sweet Vidalia® Onion Kettle Chips contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. In addition, each one-ounce, 140 calorie serving is cholesterol-free, gluten-free and certified Kosher.