Bell Flavors & Fragrances announced selections for its 2015 “Spark” trends for flavors and fragrances. 


Spark is Bell’s customer resource for consumer, flavor and fragrance trends and inspirations. Using a unique process, Bell uncovered new “sparks” for 2015 that can inspire customers and translate into winning concepts for their consumers.

Flavor trends featured in this year’s edition of Spark include:

The Well-Traveled Kitchen: Bell found that consumers’ pantries mirror their travels and taste ambitions. Look for more flavors from the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

From Scratch: Consumers are drawn to traditional techniques and appreciate artisanal products. Think craft beer, fermentation and smoke flavors.

Be Fit: Health and wellness are the cornerstone of Millennial and Boomers food choices. Herbal teas and fresh herbs are making an impression.

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— Bell Flavors & Fragrances,