Innophos offers Smart-Salt low sodium salt substitutes to reduce sodium levels in baked goods, meat, seafood, poultry, dairy and beverages. 

Innophos also has a strong existing range of sodium reduction products with excellent binding qualities and fast and complete solubility. These products include Cal-Rise, a unique, slow acting, calcium based chemical leavening agent specifically designed to reduce overall sodium content in baked goods; and Curavis So-lo 93, a sodium reduction product for processed meat and poultry.

“Innophos is very happy to offer a wide range of sodium substitute and reduction products, including the Smart Salt brand. As a unique co-crystal primarily of magnesium in balance with potassium, Smart-Salt represents a proven functional and nutritional solution for sodium reduction,” says Valerie Coyne, Innophos business manager of leavening products.

— Innophos,