Innophos’ Ingredients for Life™ portfolio includes a complete range of ingredients for leavening and fortification as well as other functional ingredients for grain-based applications. Our focus is on research and development of innovative new products and customer-tailored solutions designed to meet the ever-changing landscape of global regulations and consumer demands.

Innophos has a new line of leavening, the Regal™ family, which is suitable for a wide variety of baked goods in markets where there are regulatory limits such as Europe. CAL-RISE® is a calcium-based leavening option that can be used in anything from tortillas to cakes to fried goods. CAL-RISE is similar in performance and cost-in-use to other traditional leavening agents, yet provides the benefit of no added sodium.

Smart Salt® is a patented co-crystalized triple mineral salt that handles like salt, taste like salt, preserves like salt and can reduce sodium up to 50% with the additional benefit of potassium and magnesium fortification. Calcium, potassium, and magnesium fortification can also be accomplished through the Innophos Ingredients for Life portfolio of phosphate salts.

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