Milne Fruit Products has emerged as a leader in aronia production and quality in the industrial ingredient market. Offering aronia as IQF frozen, purees, MicroDried® and powders, the company reported a 180% increase in aronia sales under its Peak Season Foods brand. 


In 2014, Milne registered a record breaking aronia harvest and it plans to continue expanding production over the next three to five years, says Michael Sorenson, president of Milne.

“We sold out of aronia last year and expect to do the same this year,” he says. “With the media attention aronia is garnering, there is growing consumer and industrial interest in the all-natural berry and we hope to satisfy those demands.”

Milne is vertically integrated. It both grows and manufactures aronia to similar Grade A standards used in grading blueberries. Milne is GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified, a leader in food safety practices, and has the capacity to provide a sustainable supply of aronia for large manufacturers.

Milne is investing in a new marketing campaign tagged “Why Aronia?” This includes placing aronia-themed advertising in top trade publications, retaining an industry expert for various marketing and PR initiatives and creating new marketing materials to promote aronia online and at major tradeshows.

For additional information on aronia products, please visit or contact: Steve Nugent, director of IQF & MicroDried sales at 509-786-2611 Ext. 1228 or

Since 1956, Milne Fruit Products has been an industry leader in creating fruit juices, concentrates and purees from Concord grapes and has expanded its product line to include more than 25 different all-natural fruit and vegetable varieties and more than 50 ingredient products. Today, Milne is an independent processor and global supplier for the industrial food ingredient, beverage and health and wellness markets.

— Milne Fruit Products,