Yasso introduced two new flavors to its lineup, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Coffee Chocolate Chip, and revealed the first-ever frozen Greek yogurt candy bars, Sea Salt Caramel Candy Bar and Toffee Crunch Candy Bar. In addition to growing its product line, Yasso also unveiled a bold new look with colorful packaging that aligns with the brand. 


"At Yasso, we love dessert and are passionate about crafting solutions that allow consumers to have a little bit of indulgence every day," said Yasso Co-Founder Drew Harrington. "The new products and updated packaging speak to the brand's commitment to taste, quality and nutrition, and the flavors are amazing; everyone loves Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and at only 100 calories, you can't go wrong!"

Yasso's new products make it even easier to "Take Back Dessert," the brand's 2015 campaign that encourages fans to eat more dessert and to "resolve to indulge". Better-for-you Yasso bars enable Americans to have their cake – or in this case Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt – and eat it too. Fans can learn more on Yasso's Facebook page, #TakeBackDessert.

New Flavor 411
The new products join Yasso's eight existing flavors to create a robust line of frozen Greek yogurt bars available at more than 14,000 grocery stores nationwide.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: That iconic flavor you grew up with just got a facelift. With creamy vanilla Greek yogurt loaded with decadent cookie dough pieces and chocolate chips, this new flavor, coming in at only 100 calories, is the perfect treat for any time of day. The only concern will be how to hide it from the kids.

Coffee Chocolate Chip: An ice cream flavor staple across the United States all wrapped up in a portion-controlled package. Smooth coffee-flavored frozen Greek yogurt chockfull of dark chocolate chips will curb those weekday cravings for your favorite after-dinner treat.

Sea Salt Caramel Candy Bar: Sea Salt Caramel has moved from a cult following to national celebrity in a matter of a few years. Yasso is taking this trend and upgrading the frozen candy bar with premium ingredients and a purely delightful taste. Sea salt caramel frozen Greek yogurt is topped with caramel and covered in a dark chocolate-flavored coating.

Toffee Crunch Candy Bar: The caramel/toffee combination becomes even more delicious with frozen Greek yogurt. Yasso's vanilla frozen Greek yogurt bar is topped with caramel and toffee pieces and covered in a dark chocolate-flavored coating.