AboutTime225.jpgSDC Nutrition, Inc., a health supplement manufacturing company specializing in powdered sports nutrition product, released a gluten-free, Protein Pancake Mix. As part of their flagship Brand AboutTime, the Protein Pancake Mixes are the latest healthy, high-quality protein powder from the reputable, international company.

The pancake mix is filled with whey protein isolate, gluten free oats and buttermilk, plus it's sweetened naturally with Stevia.

Each Protein Pancake Mix includes:

  • 21g whey protein isolate
  • 6g fiber from flax meal
  • 290 calories in each serving

Devenee Schumacher, Director of Marketing and creator of the About Time Pancake Mix says, "whether it is simply for a convenience factor or to help someone who struggles in the kitchen, our protein pancake mix is a perfect fit." It is easy to turn the mix into the perfect pancake, just mix with water and pour onto the griddle.