Snyder's-Lance, Inc. added more gluten-free products to its growing product lineup. To meet consumers' increasing demand for gluten-free options, Cape Cod®, Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps®, Eatsmart Naturals® and Lance® all have new certified gluten-free snacks being rolled out currently and are already on shelves at many retailers nationwide. A new gluten-free sandwich cracker is being presented to retailers this week for a spring introduction. "As our family of brands continues to grow and reach more consumers who want healthier snack options, we've developed innovative, gluten-free snacks that will exceed consumer expectations in taste and quality," said Carl E. Lee, Jr., President and CEO of Snyder's-Lance, Inc. "All of these products reflect our passion for premium, differentiated snacking."

Consumer research reveals that nearly one out of three American adults wants to cut down or be free of gluten in their diets. In addition, 77% of people who buy gluten-free products claim it is hard to find good-tasting, gluten-free foods. Snyder's-Lance has stepped up to the plate to offer a variety of flavorful, gluten-free options that do not sacrifice taste. The new gluten-free options by Snyder's-Lance include:

  • Cape Cod® embraces consumers' desire for healthier options and their love for eating dips by creating new gluten-free Dipping Shells packed with whole grains. The shells come in three varieties – Four Bean (Black, Pinto, Red and Adzuki Beans), Blue Corn Multigrain (Blue Corn, Chia Seeds and Brown Rice) and Ancient Grain (Quinoa, Black Sesame and Amaranth).
  • Pretzel Crisps®, the world's first flat baked pretzel cracker, introduces new gluten-free Minis, inspired by demand for wholesome, bite-sized snacking options that all the family can enjoy. The minis debut in two flavorful varieties, Original and Salted Caramel.
  • Eatsmart Naturals' new Sea Salt and Lime Dipping Chips offer a mouthwatering blend of potato and chickpea flavors. The chips are certified gluten-free, a good source of whole grains and made with GMO-free ingredients.
  • Lance® will introduce the first gluten-free sandwich cracker for consumers who desire savory, on-the-go fuel for the day. The gluten-free Peanut Butter and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich Crackers combine the great Lance® taste in a bite-sized snack. This is a major gluten-free product breakthrough as Snyder's-Lance is the first company to pioneer this important innovation.

These new items join the company's existing lineup of gluten-free products. Snyder's of Hanover, named the No. 1 gluten-free pretzel in the U.S., launched its line of Gluten-Free Pretzels in 2013 and continues to expand the line to offer flavorful snacking options, including Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Sticks. Also, the entire line of Cape Cod kettle-cooked chips is made with all-natural ingredients, gluten-free, preservative-free and kettle-cooked in 100% canola oil.

"With improved taste and nutrition profiles, gluten-free foods are now appealing to an even wider audience, and in fact, snacks are the largest and fastest growing gluten-free food segment," said Rod Troni, Chief Marketing Officer, Snyder's-Lance, Inc. "That's why Snyder's-Lance is committed to offering more gluten-free options to consumers who desire them because of a gluten sensitivity or just because they deem them healthier. We have proven success in gluten-free snacking and will continue to raise the bar."