Many will agree that everyone likes potatoes in almost any form. What, however, is in potatoes that make them so likeable? 

The first thing that comes to mind, naturally, is the high level of carbohydrates found in potatoes, but there is something else "a compound called proteinase inhibitor II (PI2)" which can help promote the release of cholecystokinin (CCK), a known satiety factor. CCK production in the gut is increased by eating potatoes, and CCK is a signaling peptide that can influence the brain and relate messages of satiety. CCK also has been called the body’s “master controller of appetite.” As CCK has been recognized as having an important role in moderation of hunger, it has undergone a large amount of scientific investigation in humans for the past 25 years or so.

With the depth of research on CCK and satiety, Kemin began researching PI2 naturally present in potatoes and its effects on CCK. Its research led to a determination that PI2 enhances the release of CCK in the gut, which helps to manage satiety and hunger. Kemin developed Slendesta™ Potato Protein Extract to feature the patented PI2 technology and promote the release of CCK following a meal.

According to Jody Baxter, Slendesta associate product manager, “One of the primary reasons that dieters fall off their diets is because they are still hungry after a meal. Slendesta can help dieters by promoting satiety and helping them to fight the temptation to overeat.” Currently, Slendesta is available as a dietary supplement ingredient for weight-loss products. Kemin is currently reviewing the requirements for use of Slendesta in a variety of food applications.

Kemin has conducted several clinical trials on the benefits of PI2. In one randomized, placebo-controlled cross-over study, 45 participants took Slendesta before a meal and reported on a visual analog scale (VAS) significantly greater fullness and decreased desire to eat. The CCK levels in the participants correlated with the VAS results, as they had generally increased and remained elevated for a longer time after eating (compared to the levels reported in the placebo group). In a larger randomized, double-blind controlled study, 240 participants consumed Slendesta or placebo before their two largest meals of the day for three months and were found to have statistically significant reductions in their weight, as well as their waistlines and hips. NS

—Kerry Hughes, Contributing Editor

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