Bone Up on Bone Health

A new study finds that most Americans are unaware of key facts concerning healthy bones and also lack important knowledge about health issues related to bone disease. These findings were conducted for GTC Nutrition, makers of NutraFlora® short-chain fructooligosaccharides (scFOS®) prebiotic dietary fiber, and found startling information ranging from osteoporosis in women to young girls’ calcium intake. The survey findings underscore the opportunity Americans have to increase their overall health and well-being by learning about bone health and the factors that influence it, including calcium absorption. GTC Nutrition’s goal is to make consumers more aware of the risks and provide them with easy choices. GTC Nutrition, Trina O’Brien, 303-468-5077,,

Purely Beneficial

Now food and beverage product lines can differentiate themselves from the crowd and maintain a competitive edge with a new product containing omega-3s. Pizzey’s Milling’s MeadowPure™ is leading the field by being the first to provide a truly unique ingredient to health-conscious consumers that combines the omega-3 benefits found in both flaxseed and fish oil, allowing for healthier foods without compromise to taste or shelflife. MeadowPure™03 Ultra delivers the benefits of both oils in their premium flaxseeds, allowing manufacturers to incorporate all three essential fatty acids (ALA, DHA and EPA) into their product offerings. Pizzey’s Milling USA, Linda Pizzey, 877-804-6444,

Fresh Site

A growing innovative business in the booming nutraceutical industry is looking at fresh ways to reach their customers and improve their services. Charles Bowman and Company has launched a new website in a continual effort to back their innovative new products with the latest in scientific research and studies. In addition to a new look, the website offers a news section that will be updated with new products, studies and important industry news. There will also be links to product brochures, studies and basic new product information, all in an appealing and user-friendly site. Charles Bowman and Company, Sara Viges/Greg Edmunds, 616-786-4000,

Stimulating Results

Two practical studies confirm that wild green oat extract influences brain activity and stimulates cognitive function and motivation. The studies, introduced by Frutarom Inc., add to previous scientific evidence showing that Neuravena® stimulates the dopaminergic transmitter system. Testing of the product on behavioral rats showed improved general learning performance and enhanced social competence and intelligence at low dosage. Neuravena is prepared from a scientifically selected variety of wild green oat and has a dual activity profile on two cerebral enzymes closely connected to mental health and cognitive function. Frutarom USA Inc., Laurent Leduc, 800-526-7147,,

A Little Off the Waist?

With so many consumers wanting to lose weight, it is important to find healthy ways to decrease body fat. Clarinol™ CLA, from Lipid Nutrition, may have the answer. A recently published study (Gaullier, JM. 2007. British Journal of Nutrition. 97:550-560) reported on clinical trials with Clarinol CLA and found that it reduces fat mass in particular locations on the body. The researchers noted, “All changes were independent of diet and physical exercise.” Subjects in the trial lost the equivalent of about 4lbs of fat around the waist and in the leg areas. The control group in the research not only lost weight, but showed significant loss in the areas mentioned. Lipid Nutrition, Patrick Luchsinger, 815-730-5208,,

Beneficial Fruits

Today’s consumers are not only concerned with their health; they are also presented with increasing numbers of “healthy” supplement, food and beverage choices. It becomes difficult for product manufacturers to differentiate new and existing products on the market. Enter BeneFruits™, an all-new line of proprietary functional fruits and vegetables launched by Verdure Sciences. Benefruits’ ingredients are developed specifically for manufacturers of value-added products. The line is led by clinically researched “gold standard” of pomegranate—patented POMELLA® extract standardized to the potent punicalagins—along with a complete line of the highest quality kosher-certified pomegranate ingredients derived from the company’s own farms. Developed for seamless integration into various applications—including supplements, food and beverage, and skin/personal care—research on BeneFruits is ongoing and scheduled through 2010 to evaluate effects on internal, oral and skin care parameters. Verdure Sciences, Blake Ebersole,,

Ascending to K2

A recent study published in an April issue of Blood Journal reveals greater benefits of vitamin K2 over K1 in promoting bone and cardiovascular health. The study demonstrated that vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7) was superior to vitamin K1 in several important areas, including better absorption, much longer bioavailability and higher efficacy levels in the body. This first human study using natural vitamin K2 as a dietary supplement shows that eating foods rich in the vitamin significantly promotes bone health, reduces risk of bone injury and significantly promotes cardiovascular health. Until recently, vitamin K1 has been the main variety of the vitamin K family used in commercial supplements and is the most common variety in food groups. Increasing interest in MK-7, however, may increase its appearance in supplements on the market.  NS

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A leading importer of organic ultra-pure foods is currently developing revolutionary processing technologies to enhance the nutritional power of popular new “superfruits” such as mangosteen, goji berries and acai, which are already famous for their highly nutritious content. Essential Living Foods’ proprietary process, developed in conjunction with NanoSpheRx, uses a patented nano-stability technology to significantly increase both shelflife and bio-availability of the nutrients in powdered raw materials. These raw, organic powders absorb more effectively in the body and dissolve more easily into drinks and food blends. Essential Living Foods, Jennifer Hoffman, 310-571-3272, ext. 105,

Hope in Sight with Antioxidants

People who suffer from Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness in the developed world, may have cause for hope, according to a new study published in the April edition of Experimental Eye Research. The study shows that a daily supplement of 12mg of lutein from Cognis’ Xangold® natural lutein esters increases macular pigment density in adults with early-stage AMD. A significant augmentation of macular pigment density was found in a majority of study subjects, including those afflicted with AMD. An intervention group of 108 adults received a daily supplement containing antioxidants—including 12mg lutein from Xangold lutein esters - for six months. Results in the intervention group showed substantial increases in blood levels of lutein and a statistically significant average increase of 16% in macular pigment density. Moreover, 25% of the group had increases in macular pigment ocular density averaging an astonishing 50%. No such increases were seen in the control group. The beneficial effects of these antioxidants can also be extended to subjects in later stages of the disease. Cognis Nutrition & Health, 800-673-3702,

Supplements with Originality

An innovative new range of supplements has been launched by a provider of complete essential fatty acids (EFA) solutions. Bioriginal presents the Multi-EFA Plus X range of condition-specific supplements which combine a selection of high-quality EFAs with other well-known healthy ingredients such as lycopene, lutein and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). The new line allows manufacturers to offer highly-targeted supplement solutions for eye, heart and men’s health. A powerful combination of EFAs and complementary natural ingredients help manufacturers meet the needs of today’s health-conscious consumers. The range includes Biomega Eye Plus, specifically designed for eye health; Biomega Heart Plus with borage, flax, fish oils and CoQ10; and Biomega Men’s Health, targeted towards men’s prostrate health and containing borage oil, fish oil and lycopene. Bioriginal Food & Science Corp., 306-975-1166,, 

True Blue News

Researchers from Rutgers University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggest that a compound in blueberries may be good for preventing colon cancer. The key ingredient found in blueberries, pterostilbene, is a natural antioxidant and mops up highly reactive molecules called free radicals that can trigger cancer growth. Other studies show that blueberries lower cholesterol, slow down the aging process and improve eyesight, coordination and balance. Because fresh blueberries are not always available, Leading Brands has developed TrueBlue® blueberry juice, an all-natural product that is lightly sweetened with cane sugar. It has 25% fewer calories per serving than most cranberry-based products and has as much juice as a full serving of fresh blueberries. Offered in six delicious flavor varieties including Blueberry-Blackberry and Blueberry-Iced Green Tea, health-conscious consumers can choose whatever suits their taste buds. Leading Brands Inc., Jill Klosowski, 866-685-5200,,