An increase of only 1 mg of soy isoflavones per day has been associated with a yearly increase in bone mineral concentration of .018-.028%, according to a study of Chinese postmenopausal women. The double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study included dosages of 40mg or 80mg of aglycones daily, or a placebo. All women were given 500mg of calcium and 125IU of vitamin D3. The results showed that women taking the higher (80mg) dosage of the isoflavone showed a significant increase in bone mineral concentration. The isoflavone used in the study, SoyLife, is produced by Acatris; this is the third study showing the positive bone effects of SoyLife. Acatris Inc., Laurent Leduc, 905-829-2414

Soybeans Versus Obesity

U.S. soy can play a healthful role in reducing childhood obesity, states Janice Peterson of the United Soybean Board. To illustrate the board's claims, a website and CD-ROM have been developed by U.S. soybean producers. The website and CD contain information on obesity, soybeans' role in solving the problem, and recipes for school lunch. Obesity is also the concern of the Obesity Policy Report, which highlights news and analysis as well as information on obesity legislation, school foodservice, and more. United Soybean Board and Obesity Policy Report