Blake Rasmussen, Ph.D., and colleagues presented a clinical study at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Experimental Biology 2012 conference. The study was titled, “Effect of Protein Blend vs. Whey Protein Ingestion on Muscle Protein Synthesis Following Resistance Exercise.” This was a double-blind, randomized, clinical trial in 19 young adults before and after ingestion of ~19g of protein from the blend or ~17.5g of whey protein (10 and 9, respectively, per group). Research results suggest that, after a workout, consumers should use a protein blend (combination of soy, whey and casein) to build muscle. Specifically, the blend of proteins in this study showed an increase in a person’s “anabolic window”—the amount of time it takes for building muscle to occur post exercise. “This study confirms that consuming a blend of proteins—[in this case] soy, whey and casein—vs. whey protein alone provides a prolonged delivery of amino acids to the muscles, making it optimal for consumption following resistance exercise,” explained Rasmussen, senior author of the study and professor and interim chair of the Department of Nutrition & Metabolism at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Researchers used a blend of 25% isolated soy protein, 25% isolated whey protein and 50% casein. Additional detailed study results also were released at the recent American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting. This study used Solae LLC’s SUPRO brand of isolated soy protein. — Solae, www.solae.comNS      
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