Prebiotic coffee in body

January 21/Buffalo -- Probiotics are a popular choice for individuals who go through their daily lives with stomach problems or those who would simply want to live healthier than the average person.  Translated loosely, “probiotic” means “good bacteria,” and it is these live microorganisms that fight off the bad kind of bacteria that most of us are more familiar with, en route to a healthier stomach and reduced chances of acid reflux, stomachaches and other related issues. Probiotics are often found in yogurt, although they have recently made their way to coffee, particularly Tipton Mills’ newest product.

Tipton Mills’ new instant coffee product has a suggested price of $5.49 for a six-pack, $32.49 for a pack of 36.  This product, simply known as “Instant Coffee,” comes with special probiotic that can withstand heat and remain intact to fight off bacteria and acids found in the stomach. 

Most notably, Tipton Mills’ Instant Coffee reportedly is capable of offering 10 times the amount of probiotics found in most yogurt products.