, a new functional coffee brand, launched an innovative new product line combining great-tasting high quality coffee with powerful health-promoting nutrients that can save consumers as much as $300 per year when compared to the cost of organic coffee and nutrients purchased separately.


Fit Grinds is a mission-focused company that works closely with its coffee roaster to create fair paying jobs for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. These important team members are employed throughout the production process, from roasting through fulfillment, ensuring that any purchase of Fit Grinds products directly contributes to the success of this cause.

Fit Grinds' customers are able to choose from four products, all in 12oz formats:

• Original: Organic, fair trade, ground coffee, medium roast ($15.99 plus shipping)
• Focus: Original + L-theanine, Alpha GPC, and Taurine ($24.99 plus shipping)
• Multi Collagen: Original + US sourced grass-fed bovine collagen and US sourced chicken collagen ($24.99 plus shipping)
• Pre + Probiotic: Original + a prebiotic, xylo-oligosaccharide, and a probiotic, Bacillus Subtilis ($24.99 plus shipping)

All orders over $40 receive free shipping and subscriptions receive a 10% discount. Corporate and wholesale rates are also available for larger orders.