fortified candy, suckers, lollipopA new line of functional confectionery and fortified confectionery products for specific health indications has been developed by Carmit Candy Industries Ltd. For each health indication, ingredients are carefully selected for their scientific support, regulatory approval and technical parameters, while maintaining excellent taste and texture. The ingredients are then incorporated into one of the confectionery carriers, such as chocolate coins, toffee-chews, crème-filled wafers and lollipops. They then undergo organoleptic and analytical testing to ensure both ingredient stability and delicious taste. Some highlights of the new fortified confectionery product line are a weight- and blood-glucose level management wafer-bar that utilizes glucomannan (a polysaccharide that acts as a water-soluble fiber, and helps shorten digestive transit time and clear cholesterol from the body) and potato extract. This product line offers new and exciting concepts for supplement companies looking to expand their product line and offer products with a tasty dose-form.
—Carmit Candy Industries Ltd.,