Wellmune WGP, the natural immune- boosting ingredient for foods, beverages and supplements, is now available along with a prebiotic in a functional freezer pop. The fruit-flavored Prebiotic Freeze Pops with Immune Support combine the systemic immune health benefits of Wellmune with the digestive health benefits of prebiotic dietary fiber.  The shelf-stable pops debuted at the Healthy Beverage Expo in Las Vegas. They also will be available at Biothera’s IFT Expo Booth 1333. They are made by Fun Treats Inc., of Cleveland, Tenn.  “These Freeze Pops add some ‘fun’ to the functional benefits of Wellmune,” said Richard G. Mueller, Biothera chief executive officer. “They’re an innovative application for delivering Wellmune’s everyday immune support. They also align with the trend to bundle functional ingredients, making it easier than ever and convenient for people to maintain their health.”

-- Biothera, www.wellmune.com