Ricola, Parsippany, N.J., introduced Revitalizing Herb Drops. Available in a Lemon Zest flavor, Revitalizing Herb Drops contain an “effervescent, powder-filled center with B vitamins to help provide consumers with a little boost, naturally, when a cough or cold has them down,” the company says. 


According to a recent survey*, 84% of Americans still go to work when they're either sick or not feeling well–and that number increases during the cold and flu season. The survey also found that 35% of workers say they come to work because they have deadlines or they'll have too much work when they get back, while 38% say they simply can't afford to miss work. Finally, 9% of workers say they go to work sick because their bosses expect them.

"By adding vitamin B, we've created a truly unique herb drop that provides soothing relief and a naturally effective energy boost to help people get through their busy work day, even when they're not feeling well," says Joahne Carter, Ricola’s vice president marketing and innovation. "Our Revitalizing Herb Drops offer natural relief because they're created from the same blend of Swiss alpine herbs that we have been using for the past 80 years."

Ricola’s Swiss Herb Legacy
More than 80 years ago, Ricola says it discovered that creating the perfect blend of the earth's best herbs can ultimately result in an effective and great tasting cough drop. With a proprietary blend of 10 Swiss mountain herbs, Ricola says it has helped millions find relief from cough and sore throat often due to cold and allergy symptoms.

Today, Ricola utilizes more than 100 self-managed farmers to cultivate its herbs in the Swiss mountain regions. The company also ensures that its cultivation areas are not situated near industrial sites or road networks to avoid contact with harmful pollutants. It also assures formulates its products with no artificial colorings and flavorings.

Revitalizing Herb Drops are available in major food, drug and mass retailers for a suggested retail price of $3.29 (18ct).

Ricola’s global headquarters is in Laufen, Switzerland. Ricola products now include around 30 different herb specialties.

*Crowdtap panel poll. 3,390 women ages 25-49. 10/2014