TarteAsianYogurt225.jpgTarte Asian Yogurt unveiled its product line at Natural Products Expo West and pioneered as a healthy and delicious alternative in the traditional yogurt category. Industry movers and influencers were impressed with the creamy consistency, delicate sweetness and subtle tartness of the traditional Vietnamese-style yogurt.

Tarte was also praised for its nutritional benefits, a result from their artisan cooking process. Unlike Greek yogurt, Tarte is not strained – allowing the yogurt to retain its natural goodness including higher electrolyte and calcium content. When compared to traditional flavored yogurt, Tarte has an average of 60 less calories, 50% less sugar, and nearly 2x the calcium (about 35% of the recommended daily value). Tarte also contains 2x the protein of regular yogurt, with zero fat.

Currently, Tarte is available in 5 flavors including Original, Strawberry and Guanabana, Acai Blueberry, Green Tea & Honey, and Mango & Coconut. For more information about Tarte Asian Yogurt, please visit www.TarteYogurt.com.