Glanbia Nutritionals’ award-winning egg replacement system, OptiSol® 3000, has now been shown to achieve the same sensory profile in waffles as whole liquid eggs. A recent study revealed that waffles formulated with OptiSol 3000 demonstrated similar crumb, texture, and moisture characteristics compared to the standard liquid egg waffle.

A liquid egg control waffle was produced and compared with a test waffle (at right in photo) using an identical formula. The test waffle was made with a 5.5% reduction in whole liquid eggs by weight, using OptiSol 3000 in their place. A further 10% of water by weight was added to the test waffle to reach a similar batter viscosity to the control. 

Results showed the typical uniform cell structure expected of a waffle grid cook in the OptiSol 3000 waffle. The test waffle also demonstrated similar crust hardness and texture to the control, plus a more tender bite after freeze-thaw due to the water binding properties of the egg replacement ingredient.

Cost savings with the OptiSol 3000 waffle can be achieved through use of fewer ingredients by weight, a reduction in cook time to achieve similar color and cook, and use of water in formulation. A clean label ingredient, manufacturers can list OptiSol 3000 as flaxseed meal and whey protein concentrate. The all-natural ingredient is certified kosher, low in cholesterol, GMO-free and gluten-free.

“OptiSol 3000 has proven itself as a high performance, functional ingredient that offers a cost-effective alternative to whole liquid eggs in a variety of bakery applications,” says Nicole Rees, business development manager, Glanbia Nutritionals. “Our recent study highlights the versatility of OptiSol 3000 in an increasingly volatile egg market, with the ingredient now offering in waffles the advantages already available to pancakes, pastries, cookie doughs and other baked goods.”

– Glanbia Nutritionals, a division of Glanbia plc,