For the many people out there who know about the alarming decline in the honeybee population, it will come as welcome news that the nation's largest organic grocery chain Whole Foods Market is continuing its annual “Share The Buzz” campaign in an effort to maintain awareness about the significant relationship between bees and our food supply. 


A featured participant in the “Share The Buzz” campaign this year is EnerBee® Organic Energy. From April 15th – 28th Whole Foods Market stores throughout Florida will donate $0.20 from the sale of each 12oz can of EnerBee® directly to their nonprofit pollinator research partner The Xerces Society.

Honeybees have been under serious pressure from a mysterious phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) where worker bees from an entire colony abruptly disappear. Although several factors have been identified as the cause of CCD, the prevailing consensus is that neonicotinoid pesticides are predominantly responsible.

The makers of EnerBee® are acutely aware of the importance of bees in our food chain. As such, an integral component of EnerBee® is the ongoing support of honeybee research with a portion of sales going to non-profit organizations whose mission it is to support the honeybees. With this in mind, EnerBee® has created The Honeybee Alliance - a global network of individuals, groups and organizations working together to increase awareness and support for the vital honeybee population.

Made with certified organic and non-gmo honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and other healthy ingredients like yerba mate, green tea and ginseng, EnerBee® is a healthy energy beverage alternative that provides a refreshing lift throughout the day, and is available in the beverage cooler and grocery aisle.