CascadeIce225.jpgThe people have spoken! Zero-calorie sparkling flavored water, Cascade Ice, held a public vote on their Facebook page to determine the newest flavor to add to their current 21-flavor collection and Strawberry Orange Mango was declared the winner. This flavor combination will hit shelves across the country over the course of the next few months.

"Cascade Ice's Orange Mango and strawberry-infused flavors have been top-sellers for years. Combining them proved to be a tasty no-brainer for our fan base," says Mike Broadwell, president and CEO of Cascade Ice parent company, Unique Beverage Company. "We've always been known for creating new & unique flavors. In fact, we were the first sparkling water to introduce popular flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Coconut, Blueberry Watermelon, McIntosh Apple, among many others and will continue to come up with new flavors for the enjoyment of our fans."

Cascade Ice sparkling waters do not contain unnecessary and unhealthy "extras" like sodium, gluten or sugar. Families everywhere love the great taste and are thrilled to have a healthier option than sugary juices and sodas. In addition to the 17.2-ounce slim bottles, Cascade Ice also recently introduced an innovative 7-ounce bottle to the market to give consumers a choice in size. The brand also has a line of six USDA-certified Organic essence waters in flavors like Blueberry, Citrus Twist and Grapefruit.