Healthy jerky company Chomps Snack Sticks has added a new flavor to their line of grass-fed beef snacks: Crankin' Cran. This new stick is made with a recipe of spicy habanero peppers and naturally sweet cranberries. 

Chomps created the new flavor to provide customers with a jerky that delivers healthy carbohydrates. Cranberries are a carbohydrate source, supplying all of the nutritional benefits without the excess sugars. By sweetening the cranberries with apple juice instead of added sugars, Chomps achieves a balance of heat, sweetness, and nourishment.

Chomps has also made a change to the macronutrient profile of this new snack stick with an increase to 9g of protein. The key driver of this new improved formula is related to the use of a leaner grass-fed beef.