HotTamales225.jpgHOT TAMALES®, manufactured by Just Born Quality Confections, announced that its spicy fruit variety TROPICAL HEAT™ is launching nationally. TROPICAL HEAT™ is a spicy fruit mix that delivers sweet heat for a mouth-refreshing and flavor-charged snacking experience.

HOT TAMALES® TROPICAL HEAT™ is a departure from the original HOT TAMALES® Fierce Cinnamon variety that spicy candy lovers have come to know. TROPICAL HEAT™ will allow fans to experience a new twist on the original cinnamon candies with a fruity mix of spicy flavors, including: Mango Tango, Pineapple Picante and Limon Fever.

"We think fans of spicy candy will enjoy the unique fruity twist TROPICAL HEAT™ brings to the candy aisle," said Koren Ivie, Brand Manager of HOT TAMALES®. "TROPICAL HEAT™ is a fruity addition to the HOT TAMALES® family, which caters to the bold and adventurous candy lover and gives fans a fun and sizzling taste experience."

The chewy candy category has seen continued growth, which ignited desires to expand the HOT TAMALES® product line, though innovation in the flavor space was the key influencer in the development of TROPICAL HEAT™. Recent flavor innovation has revealed trends among intense flavors such as spicy and sour, unique "heat plus" flavor combinations pairing hot flavors with other flavor types, and ethnically inspired flavors.2 The bold flavor of TROPICAL HEAT™, coupled with its fiery infusion of tropical fruit flavors demonstrates the brand's commitment to remaining on-trend and delivering innovative products to meet consumers' changing needs and extend flavor appeal.