Nerush225.pngInterush Media, LLC, a supplier of performance health products, released an iHealthScience® formulation called Nerush™, a nutritious protein supplement drink mix.

Nerush is an option for health conscious individuals who are on-the-go.

Nerush delivers 17 or 18 grams of whey protein, as well as vitamins and nutrients in one packet, and only 110 or 180 calories per serving. Nerush is available in two flavors, a sweet and tangy berry smoothie, or as a smooth and creamy vanilla shake. Packaged in convenient single-serving packets, Nerush can be mixed with cold water to provide a fast and healthy drink.

"High quality protein, like that found in Nerush, supports our brain, body and muscles, and helps to provide hours of energy," said health and nutrition expert, Dr. Chris Meleltis. "It also contains essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin B6, B12, and C, magnesium and chromium to help keep us going. Nerush even includes garcinia cambogia, an amazing botanical element that could potentially reduce appetites by inhibiting a fat enzyme in our bodies called citrate lyase."

"Nerush not only tastes great, it is a comprehensive solution to getting your essential nutrients on a daily basis," said Martin Matthews, CEO of Interush Media. "The vitamins, amino acids, and minerals delivered in every delicious Nerush drink helps to ensure your mind and body consume all the nourishment they require for optimal performance, without any extra calories you don't want."