KiiTO organic plant-based protein drink powers active lifestyles with 20g plant-protein (pea protein) and 1g sugar. The beverage is designed with brain boosting functional superfoods like ashwaganda and coconut milk (7g brain boosting MCTs) for a fit mind and body. KiiTO fuels on-the-go busy lives as a snack, meal supplement, pre-workout, post-workout, or guilt-free dessert. 
KiiTO includes organic functional superfoods, adaptogens and high quality pea protein. The beverage is keto and low-carb friendly (2 to 3g carbs per bottle), and is high in protein (20g) and low in sugar (1g). KiiTO does not contain soy, dairy, gluten, or genetically modified organisms.Varieties include Vanilla Ashwagandha, Chocolate Maca, and Matcha Moringa.
KiiTO is available direct-to-consumer on their website, $65.00/12 bottles for one time purchase or auto-ship weekly. It is also available in select retailers for $4.99/bottle.