Unibroue announces the arrival of the latest addition to its popular Éphémère beers, this one enhanced with the mouth-watering taste of ripe pears.

Unibroue's newest creation has a beautiful pale gold color and a medium, sustained effervescence, with notes of pear, sweet rolls and spices. "The new Éphémère Pear is a Belgian style white ale brewed with fruit with a white effervescent foam," says Brewmaster Jerry Vietz. "Its mild ripe pear taste is complemented by a distinctive wheat acidity. It provides a feeling of freshness, intensified by a spicy finish."

"Its light, refreshing taste makes it a perfect choice for any occasion," adds Sylvain Bouchard, Unibroue's Beer Sommelier. "The Éphémère Pear is great in a variety of delicious cocktails with enticing names such as Belle Hélène, Italian style Pear Soda, Pear Mai Sling, Éphémère Eternity and the Ultimate Pear Fizz, which should add a touch of whimsy to any summer party. And beer loving chefs and gourmets won't be able to resist the new recipes we've concocted, such as the Brie en croûte with caramelized pears and beer, or the fish tacos with pear salsa."

After a successful launch and rave reviews across Canada, Éphémère Pear has been available in the US since mid-May, in 750 mL cork and cage bottles, and on tap at various bars and restaurants across the country. But now isn't the time to procrastinate, as this new Éphémère is a seasonal release and will therefore be available for a limited time only.